torsdag den 26. april 2012


Hello out there!

So I got some updates for you! Both on Belphegor, Mad Hatter and Sho xD

Let's start with Belphegor:
So monday I went to the fabric store to get the white stripes for the jacket, since I had run out. But I also got fabric for his shirt! That's right! I found something I could use!

And now you are probably gonna say: "But that is not the right color!" and you are right, it's not, but!! I bought a fabric dye as well, so I could make it purple!

So pretty! I plan on making the shirt today and maybe put on the white stripes on the jacket ... or maybe that'll be tomorrow. It depense on whether I can get my shit together and actually do something productive...

I also quickly tried on my wig with the crown, just so you can see it

As you might can guess I haven't styled it yet....

What I'm missing:
Style wig
Finish jacket (White stripes, sleeves, hood)
Make Shirt

Now for Sho:
First of all, I still haven't taken any pictures of him D: sorry ...

But! I'm now done with the base of him. I have the jacket, with lining so pretty much the only thing I'm missing on him is all the blue and chains and then the belt.
I put the collar on tuesday and it wasn't so hard to put on as I first thought. I tried to put it on sunday evening, but I was tried and ended up breaking two needles on it (broke four needles that day in total) x_X And then I got mad and ragequit so I could get home... But I found out that I just had to be careful xD And then I put it on in like no time...

I'm going to Shinji this friday and will be staying there untill sunday, both for Sho's sake and because Hanami  (a danish festival for cosplayers or something along that line...) is this weekend and it will take me almost an hour to get there if I was at home. But hopefully I will finish Sho's jacket this weekend!

What I'm missing:
Jacket details
Style wig

Now for Mad Hatter :D

I got my wig today!
It's actually really cute Oo So I felt kinda excited and did a quick makeup test xD I did it in like five minutes so it looked like shit, but it still gives and idea of how I'm going to be looking

The wig needs styling... I haven't started on making the jacket for mad hatter, so I will probably just by a blazer I can use temporarily >_> I'm gonna use my Azazel pants for it, so I just have to fix the hole for the tail and Miku is so kind to make the hat for me <3
So I really only have to think out that frill he's got xD

And that is it for now

- Kelevar

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