fredag den 20. april 2012

Dress part two

Hey guys!

So yesterday the dress had to be done, and I had it done in time! We made a small show in the local library, which was pretty cool!

Mille came by tuesday like she said she would and I made her do all the slave work: cutting the leaves out xD while she was working I put the zipper in and got the top fitted.

Since we had four classes that day it was about dinner time we finished with that. I started zigzagging the edges of the leaves so it would unravel. I tried different things to made the leaves work, first dobbelt layer then I folded the edges so they were fine and straight, but it didn't work well also it took a very long time x_x
I had Mille look at it, so she could make the decision as the designer and she actually thought it worked best with the rough edges the zigzagging gave. Made dem look more like leaves. So we simply decided just to do that, saving me alot of time and it was probably the reason I was done in time for the show thursday.

So wednesday I made the last thing on the dress, putting the leaves on, making the strap to keep the top up and making the long leaf that was draped around the top.

And that's pretty much how it ended up looking ^^

And there is what it looks like with make up

We have 13 days till the last show, which is on my school and for that it has to be completely(!) done
When we first talked about the dress Mille talked about putting something sparkly on the dress like rhinstones, so I'm trying to get some from ebay xD It's gonna be hell putting them on!
But I guess that is life

So now that the dress it over, I can start focusing on cosplay again
I still haven't gotten any move white for Bel, so he'll have to wait a while >_> I might style the wig though ... maybe try some makeup or something ... 
Sunday I kinda/sorta/might have a plan with Shinji so we can try to get Sho done.

- Kelevar

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