tirsdag den 10. april 2012

Belphegor part 4

Hello again

So I kinda forgot to update yesterday. Himo had to go home and after that my boyfriend came by, since we haven't seen each other since the holiday started. So I spend the rest of the evening with him.

Anyway, we got a lot done yesterday! I finished my pant/boots
(I fixed the feet part so they aren't just round but actually looks like boots in the end)
We are still figuring out how to make them stick to the shoe. We are thinking two-sided tape xD Maybe we will come up with something better

I went on to the jacket, so I could get started on it while Himo was there to help.

I made the sleeves first, since it's four parts sown together even though it's easy enough, it's still easy to get it wrong. I'm only missing the white stripes on the sleeves now.
And then started on sowing the jacket together, but I didn't get a picture of that, since we had to get ready to leave.
And now Himo is gone and I'm left to do it all alone, so lets just hope I won't fuck it up!

Today I'm going to Shinji's to continue working on Sho. We started on it before I made this blog, but from now on Sho will be here as well!
The next progress on Belphegor will be tomorrow, if I don't have too much school work...

For the last thing: I'm working on a dress for a friend. She is in a design class and has to design and make a dress from the theme Fantasy. She asked me if I would sow and model it for her, and stupid as I am I said yes. So now I have to make a dress on top of Belphegor, Sho and Mad Hatter ...
I know it's not a cosplay, but would you guys still be interested in following the progress? I'll put a poll in so you can vote for it.

And that's it for now
Might be a Sho update this evening, so stay tuned!


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