torsdag den 12. april 2012

Sho update


I know I said updates both tuesday and wednesday, but clearly that didn't happen. Tuesday I only got blurry pictures of what we did and I had a lazy day yesterday, so basically I did nothing ...

But! I have spend time with Shinji after school to work on Sho and we have gotten quite far.

This is the drawing of the outfit, which Shinji made. We work from this.
What we have so far is the jacket with lining and we started on a lot of the decorations. There are so many details on him >_> And I can't gain any weight or I won't fit in him! (or Bel for that matter)

I won't have time to work on Sho before next week, but hopefully I'll get pictures of him there. I hope I'll get time to work on Belphegor in the weekend, but I have rehearsal for the act at SVS at least saturday possible sundays as well.

For another update:
I got my crinoline for the dress today. Please vote so I know if you would like to follow the progress on the dress. the pull is in the upper right corner on the start page

- Kelevar

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