søndag den 8. april 2012

Belphegor part 3

Hey everybody!

So as I predictied we didn't get anything done yesterday, but we got alot of done today! :D With was really wonderful 'cause I think that means I can get started on the jacket while Himo is here, so she can help me get started (I would be so lost without my friends TT_TT)

So i started where I left off, funny enough, with making the stripes on the shorts. It took quite a whille, but it came out beautifully, most of it any way.

So as you probably noticed the short are pretty long at my waist, so I had to fix that, which was the only thing I was missing before attatching the boots to the shorts.

Pretty, huh ? xD
We even started on the boots, but we made a try-out before making them in the leather, since neither of us have ever made boots before. They became giant boot-covers though, since we won't be making the whole shoe only covering a regular shoe with it. I just need to figure out how to make it stick to one another xD
I didn't take a picture of the boots though, so that'll have to wait for tomorrow. I got to sow them together an everything xD just have to prettyfy them a bit

So I'll be back tomorrow with the next updates!

- Kelevar

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