mandag den 16. april 2012

Dress part 1

So I started on the dress today, which was about time, since it has to be done thursday at 16 and I have class untill thursday 15:25 .... probably have to skip Math so I can make some finishing touches, makeup and such, because I'm not only making it, I'm modeling it as well

Anyways, this is the design of the dress

It'll have a base, which is going to be a beige/natural color, and then two utterlayers in different green colors. The utterlayers will be shaped like leaves and give a forest feel to the dress, making it fit into the theme Fantasy

As I said earlier I'm modeling the dress as well as making it. It's easier, since that means I don't have to meet with a model all the time, since I'll always have the model at hand! So handy since I'm way too busy and too slow to do it in a day and it's figure sown so I'd need the model like constantly Z_z

The skirt is made from two half suns put together.

As you might can see the crinoline is showing in the end, but it'll be fine, since it's only the laces that will the seen
But I have put it up a bit with safety pins so it shouldn't show anyway xD

Since I'm working with Satin I have to make sure it doesn't unravel on me. It took some time to make sure it didn't get fucked up in the middel of everything, but well I made it xD
I made the top as well. The top is a piece of beige and a piece of green but together, since the green is a bit see-through I but it together with the beige to made sure it wasn't very see-through. It's still a but see-through though, but it's to live with

So at last, I got the skirt and top sown together

I still haven't gotten the zipper in, but I'll do that tomorrow, since I'm so sick of it right now. It's not difficult, but it's still tiring, and on top of a school day and homework it's not fun being in a hurry with this dress.
But my friend might come over tomorrow and help me, since I'm at the leaves and they are hell ( I know since I made a try out dress so I knew how to make it )
I just hope I have time to make it . I have most of wednesday to work on it, since I only have two classes and no work. I HAVE to finish it wednesday.... So yeah, if you haven't guess I'm pushing cosplay aside untill  thursday, so I might have a shot with this. I'm so stressed Oo

Anyway I'll check in tomorrow with more updates on the dress.

- Kelevar

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