søndag den 15. april 2012

Belphegor part 5

Hello out there!

Yesterday I continued to work on Belphegor. I'm at the jacket now, so I had to sow it completely together and then sow it in, 'cause it was way too big. That meant I had to redo alot of my work >_> But I got it done

These were taken before I was done sowing it in xD

Then I had to sow the white stripes on the jacket and sleeves. That took a long time to prepare the jacket and sleeves for the stripes. I had to fold the black edge over the beige and then sow around the edge so it would hold and it took some time.
At last  I moved into the livingroom to watch Game of Thrones with my mother (:D) and stitch the white stripes on x_X with the series running I found out it took me about 20 minuttes to finish one stripe on the sleeves! Seriously >_> Slooooow work ...
But I got all the stripes on the sleeves on and got one on the jacket.

Now I only have white for one more stripe on the jacket, so I have to go get more >_> Luckily it should be fairly easy to come by...

While I was stitching the stripes on I scratched my thigh with the needle Oo
Looks so lovely....

On another note, I'm starting on the dress today, when I come home from school. I have to get as far as possible, since it's supposed to be done thursday... Stupid me, I forgot when it had to be done and put other things in front of it >_> It means I probably won't be working on anything else this week

And my charger to my camera is failing me, so all the pictures are taken on my phone, so they aren't as good as they could be. Hopefully it'll work again soon

- Kelevar

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