fredag den 6. april 2012

Belphegor part 2

So today we didn't get to do much. Both of our sowing machines decided to abandon us, so we rage-quit them for half an hour. Then my parents came home and we had to clean the living room, where we have been sowing, up because my parents are going to have guests tomorrow and my mom wants everything to be pretty... So we won't get much done tomorrow, since we can't sow in my room, there just isn't space enough for it.

But I did get something done today! First I made the black flaps on the side of the shorts. They are made of the same material as the black part of the shorts
It was fairly simple since it was just sowing a square and applying it to the shorts. I didn't have to worry about the ends, since they would be covered by white. Unfortunately I had to make "decorative stitches" to make it easier to apply the white and it took forever to make them!
Before we stopped for today I barely got to sow two of the white stripes on
But so far I think it looks good and there is progress though it is slow as hell

I still doubt I will get everything done, but time will tell


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