mandag den 21. januar 2013

Still Alive

Hello out there
Yes I'm still alive, much to your surprise. I want to apologize for my lack of updating and sudden disappearance. I disappeared because I suddenly got con-stress, since it was so close to Genki-con and I wasn’t even nearly finished with my cosplays …
But I made it in time and everything worked out fine~ So yeah … there…

After Genki I haven’t really cosplayed for anything but photoshoots and I haven’t been on that many. I have pictures of my Jack cosplay(Genki’12) and my Belphegor (SVS’12) but besides that I haven’t cosplayed.

But the next con is nearly upon us here in Denmark and I would like to share with you my plans for the next couple of Cons

J-popcon 15-17 march 2013

Friday: Duzell, Vampire Game, Vampire king version

Saturday: Undecided

Sunday: Gareth, Quest for Camelot

Svscon 3-5 maj 2013

Friday: Free

Saturday: Sho, Skipbeat, Demon version (reuse)

Sunday: Rhys, Teahouse

Now for a little something special!  I’m going to my first great con out of Denmark! I’ll be attending Japan Expo in Paris this summer! I’m going with my precious Himo
~ I’m so excited! Everything has already been planned and tickets order, so we are basically on our way!! Gush, I really can’t wait for july!
So we have already planned what we’ll wear, but we haven’t decided which days yet, so I’ll just list it in random order

Japan Expo, Paris, 4-7 july 2013

Rhys, Tea House (reuse)

Hex, Skylanders

Red Queen, X-down

Sinbad, Magi

So yeah if you are going to Japan Expo feel free to find me and say hello! I would love to meet more awesome people!

Besides the before mentions cons I’m going to Närcon and Genki as well, but since there is so much time till them, I’ll save them for later, since so much can change in that time.

So far I have started on Duzell, but I’m not that far yet. I’ll try an remember to take some pictures to show you.

I hope you forgive me for my absence! I’ll try to be better TT___TT

Kelevar <3

fredag den 3. august 2012

Genki cosplays started

Hey everybody :)

I have started on my cosplays for Genki (which is about time), but they have been changed a bit. Instead of cosplaying Meggi from Princess Ai with Risa and Shinji, I'm gonna be Jack Vessalius in his green jacket. And Oni and I decided that we didn't have time to make Kururi and Mairu, so sunday I'll be Jack again :) But it's okay, 'cause I'm stessed enough as it is >_>

I have decided to enter the crafmanship competition with my Jack cosplay, since I want to do my absolute best with it. It's also my most expensive cosplay so far. I have bought materials for just a bit over 300 USD! But it was also because I wanted the green to nearly perfect. To get that I had to make it two layers of green. A solid dark green and a shinny see-through green. It lookes really gorgeous, but sometime on pictures it loses it's color, so I'm a bit worried about that...

But I have lived with Risa and Shinji for five days now, so they can help me, so I don't fuck everything up >_> They have been quite the help ^^

Risa is helping me style my Axel wig, which I aprecciate, 'cause it was killing me!!
I had to sow two wigs together and it took forever for me! I really can't handsow ... I worked on it for four hours or something and I didn't even get close to done. Then when I went out with Shinji to find the green fabric for Jack, Risa sat down and worked on it for like three hours and it was done. I was so happy I could cry!!
Okay it's not really done xD We still have to cut it and style it, but the sowing part is done~

For Jack I'm almost done with the pants. It's only the zipper that won't work with me. I started on the jacket yesterday and actually got pretty far ^^

The design is not completely like in the anime, but it looks fantastic anyway. The design is Risas, but she said I could use it~

I still have to make the rest of the jacket, vest and shirt, boot-covers and of course the Axel wig and Jacket.

Anyway, sorry for the long silence, but I haven't made any cosplays in between SVS and Genki. I might be going to Japan Expo next summer with Himo, Risa and Shinji. Hopefully everything will work out so it'll be possible for us to go. We are already talking cosplay plans, since we have like half a year between Genki and J-popcon and Himo and I want to get a head start so we won't get stressed.

See you soon~
- Kelevar

tirsdag den 15. maj 2012

Con-Report: SVS

Hey everybody

So SVS was two days ago and I'm finally coming up for air. I still haven't unpacked that simply has to wait till I get home from school.
But I thought that I might as well make a con-report! I'm not going to post one on dA since I don't feel like writing two and I can't just copy-paste, because I'll add a lot of pictures here and I don't know how to get them in a journal on dA....

Bianca and I had agreed to travel to the con together, so after my last class we left for the con. At the central station we bumped into Ao, Niko, Oni and Roxy by accident and found out that Ao had a seat next to us on the train!
That meant we talked all the way to Jutland and I didn’t get to read anything on the trip and Bianca didn’t get to sleep xD
But we had fun xD

When we arrived at Herning station my grandfather was there to pick Bianca and I up and he drove us to the con, so we didn’t have to take the bus. When we arrived I found Risa, Shinji, Haru and some other whom I just checked in with, even though I had made a deal with Himo and Marie, but they weren’t there when I arrived and I had to get ready, so I dumped my things with Risa and Shinji and then went to change. Later I moved my things down to Himo and Marie.

As you might know I was Sho Friday and I was very in character. The cosplay were uncomfortable and annoying, though it could have been worse, but the nails were by far the worst. They were long and too curvy to fit my nails probably, so it was hard to keep them from falling of >_> I had a fit the first three-four times they broke off and nearly rage-quit them numerous times… But I didn’t
But all in all it made me kinda self-absorbed and since Shinji were very in character as Kyoko and kept picking on me, I kept picking bad, so we were like the perfect match xD It was so fun being Sho, I like being characters that think too much of themselves. I don’t know why, they just speak to me. Shinji also said that I was her “manly-man guy”

I haven’t seen any good pictures of Sho on facebook yet, so I’m taking the picture I have of him on my phone that Bára took of me xD

Much didn’t happen Friday. I walked around with Shinji and Ying most of the time and found some of my friends that I talked to. I couldn’t take any pictures because of my nails, which were a bummer, but guess that’s life. Even though the cosplay was uncomfortable I had a great time J

I woke around 6 a.m. the first time and ended up getting out of bed around 8:30. I went to the cafeteria to read, while I waited for some of my friends to show up. Nobody did, so I went back to Himo and Marie, whom had awakened while I was gone. Around 10 I finally got them out of bed and got changed into Mad Hatter.

Mad Hatter was probably my most comfortable cosplay at that con, but the one I had slacked most on. I actually only made the shirt frill. I had made the pants as well, but they are originally my Azazel pants xD I borrowed a jacket for Himo and Miku was so kind to make his hat for me~

But Mad Hatter wasn’t as comfortable as he could. When I had taken my contacts out Friday I had gotten something in my eyes and it just didn’t want to come out, so my eyes were very irritated. It didn’t help that the wigs bags was close to my eyes, which meant I sometimes got hair in my eyes. It didn’t help much x_x
But it meant that my eyes were very red which added to Mad Hatters sleepy look, so I didn’t mind that much. I changed in the guy’s changing room, because there weren’t anyone there when we arrived, but later on there came some in to bathe, but of course they didn’t want to bathe while I was there, but they didn’t want to throw me out either, so I had an audience while I applied my makeup xD It was weird ‘cause I’m not use to being watched, but fun at the same time.

Most of the day I walked around with different people and chatted with them. I also kidnapped a couple of people and took pictures of them. I got quite a few good ones~


I also went to the Dkos panel. Dkos is a new Danish cosplay magazine and it sounded so interesting and the idea behind it was very inspiring! It’s not a closed magazine, but a magazine that takes as many different contributes in as possible, so if you have something you want to show the world or get out of your system or help other cosplayers get better by tutorials Dkos is there to help you do that. I plan on writing them and let them know that I’m interested in helping them out as a photographer and maybe as a writer as well.

The cosplay show was AMAZING! There were only 16 groups, but the level was raised so much since last year! There were only a few bad acts and even they weren’t that bad. Of course there were a lot of different acts, some funny acts and some serious ones. But the best act by far was the Twisted Disney act! Damn those girls did well! The music was fantastic and the idea and the cosplays and the theme and the feeling I got when I watched it! Omg! I still get Goosebumps every time I watch it and the song is stuck in my head!

After the cosplay show I changed out of Mad Hatter, since I was tired of him and I helped Shinji out of her Arthur cosplay. Then I watched her play plushy-dead-ball, which was kinda weird since there were some confusion about what roles they played with. We went to bed around 2 a.m.

Sunday morning started pretty much the same as Saturday, except I didn’t get out of bed to read, it was simply too cold. Himo and I went to chance into Squalo and Belphegor. I was done quickly, since I didn’t have to put that much makeup on and I didn’t have a sword and stuff I had to put on as well xD But the changing room was so warm and it was no fun in pleader, so I left as soon as I were done.

Belphegor was fun. The thing in my eyes were gone, so my eyes weren’t annoyed all the time and though it was hot it was actually more comfortable than I had expected it to be, so I was very happy and full of energy, which meant I became quite annoying when we went on a photoshoot xD I’m sure Camilla (Our Xanxus) wanted to kill me.

Again I just walked around and took pictures of people and again I got some good ones



I haven’t gotten any pictures of my Bel yet, so you will have to wait for them. They will probably be on my dA or on Himo’s.

Most of the day were kinda a blur. I walked and talked with a lot of people, watched Shinji play a bit of Last Man Standing and then the Hobo-cosplay competition, which was fun xD

Then it was time to pack and leave. I found Bianca and changed to some regular clothes. My grandfather came to pick us up. We spend a little over an hour and a half at his place, got some food and I got a shower, before we had to leave to catch our train.
Bianca and I watched some videos she had recorded at the con and then the Twisted Disney act I had recorded and all the pictures I had taken and ate a lot of candy.

 We talked all the way back to our station, where we got picked up by our parents.

And that was pretty much my con. It was fun and it was good to see all my wonderful friends again. The only things I didn’t like about the con are the coldness in the dormitories and the food they serve in the cafeteria. But all in all it was a good con.

-         Kelevar