mandag den 7. maj 2012

Belphegor DONE!!!!

Hey guys

Yes I'm freaking DONE with Belphegor! xD

He wasn't that difficult to make or took that much time, but I have focused more on Sho, since he is so freaking tough >_>'' but lately I have lost my drive, so I haven't felt like making much on my cosplays, mostly because Sho is handsowing from now on and that takes like forever... So I decided to finish Bel first to get back on track

So first of all:
Nearly a week ago I styled all three wigs for SVS so now that's done, but they might need a bit of last minute styling at the con itself

Now for Bel

I made is purple shirt (forgot pics, sorry) from the pattern I used for my Azazel red shirt. It got a bit too big, but is doesn't really matter. It's a bit weird around my shoulders, but with the jacket on no one will see that xD

I got the white stripe thingy and got them sown on the jacket and then I sew the sleeves on (I'm actually getting okay at that Oo I'm surprised...)
After that it was time for the hood (yes Himo it's a hood, not a "hat"! Stop confusing me D<). The hood of course had all that white fur thing but Himo had been kind enough to warn me about the messiness of that, so I went outside when it was time to cut it. Wise choice I tell you! But it was pretty when the wind took all the whiteness and make it blow around me xD My parents and I had a good little laugh about that and my mom was thankful that I had done it outside or our living room would have been covered in fur xD

I got the hood on and then the only thing missing were to take the jacket up a lot xD It was almost to my knees and only supposed to go as far as my stretched arms xD
Then I only had to fold the edges and volá, all done!
(Sorry for crapy picture >_<)

I'll also give you an update on Sho, since I haven't been completely idle. I have made most of his jewlery.
I started on the rings
This is a rough sketch I work from

The rings is made of some kind of foam sprayed with silver, then cut out and glued together with hot glue. each ring has a different size to fit my fingers.
His necklash, again it's foam and some steel wire with a silver coating

Then I started on the gloves with all their chains and stuff

I attached the chains to this little piece of metal and then sew the chains to the gloves, since it seemed like the easiest solution. In the end I ended up gluing the rings directly on the gloves for two simple reasons: 1. It makes it easier to get the gloves on and off 2. I was easier than having to make sure they didn't fall of all the time.

Then I made the earings. Simple: just a chain through the pendant and the earring piece.

I made the hairpiece as well
Again I used the foam and hot glue. I used the glue to make the pattern on the piece as well.

I used bronze and gold for the hairpiece since I thought it would be prettier than the brown/red/gold/yellow combination that Shinji and I talked about.

I attached the hairpiece with hot glue as well. I don't want it to fall off all the time or rub against the wig so it'll get ruin, so it seemed like the best choice.

Okay I was going to work on Sho tonight, but it's 10 p.m. and I have had four classes and will have four classes tomorrow as well, so I'll save Sho for tomorrow and pray I'll make it in time >_>''

So that's it for today~

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