torsdag den 26. april 2012


Hello out there!

So I got some updates for you! Both on Belphegor, Mad Hatter and Sho xD

Let's start with Belphegor:
So monday I went to the fabric store to get the white stripes for the jacket, since I had run out. But I also got fabric for his shirt! That's right! I found something I could use!

And now you are probably gonna say: "But that is not the right color!" and you are right, it's not, but!! I bought a fabric dye as well, so I could make it purple!

So pretty! I plan on making the shirt today and maybe put on the white stripes on the jacket ... or maybe that'll be tomorrow. It depense on whether I can get my shit together and actually do something productive...

I also quickly tried on my wig with the crown, just so you can see it

As you might can guess I haven't styled it yet....

What I'm missing:
Style wig
Finish jacket (White stripes, sleeves, hood)
Make Shirt

Now for Sho:
First of all, I still haven't taken any pictures of him D: sorry ...

But! I'm now done with the base of him. I have the jacket, with lining so pretty much the only thing I'm missing on him is all the blue and chains and then the belt.
I put the collar on tuesday and it wasn't so hard to put on as I first thought. I tried to put it on sunday evening, but I was tried and ended up breaking two needles on it (broke four needles that day in total) x_X And then I got mad and ragequit so I could get home... But I found out that I just had to be careful xD And then I put it on in like no time...

I'm going to Shinji this friday and will be staying there untill sunday, both for Sho's sake and because Hanami  (a danish festival for cosplayers or something along that line...) is this weekend and it will take me almost an hour to get there if I was at home. But hopefully I will finish Sho's jacket this weekend!

What I'm missing:
Jacket details
Style wig

Now for Mad Hatter :D

I got my wig today!
It's actually really cute Oo So I felt kinda excited and did a quick makeup test xD I did it in like five minutes so it looked like shit, but it still gives and idea of how I'm going to be looking

The wig needs styling... I haven't started on making the jacket for mad hatter, so I will probably just by a blazer I can use temporarily >_> I'm gonna use my Azazel pants for it, so I just have to fix the hole for the tail and Miku is so kind to make the hat for me <3
So I really only have to think out that frill he's got xD

And that is it for now

- Kelevar

fredag den 20. april 2012

Dress part two

Hey guys!

So yesterday the dress had to be done, and I had it done in time! We made a small show in the local library, which was pretty cool!

Mille came by tuesday like she said she would and I made her do all the slave work: cutting the leaves out xD while she was working I put the zipper in and got the top fitted.

Since we had four classes that day it was about dinner time we finished with that. I started zigzagging the edges of the leaves so it would unravel. I tried different things to made the leaves work, first dobbelt layer then I folded the edges so they were fine and straight, but it didn't work well also it took a very long time x_x
I had Mille look at it, so she could make the decision as the designer and she actually thought it worked best with the rough edges the zigzagging gave. Made dem look more like leaves. So we simply decided just to do that, saving me alot of time and it was probably the reason I was done in time for the show thursday.

So wednesday I made the last thing on the dress, putting the leaves on, making the strap to keep the top up and making the long leaf that was draped around the top.

And that's pretty much how it ended up looking ^^

And there is what it looks like with make up

We have 13 days till the last show, which is on my school and for that it has to be completely(!) done
When we first talked about the dress Mille talked about putting something sparkly on the dress like rhinstones, so I'm trying to get some from ebay xD It's gonna be hell putting them on!
But I guess that is life

So now that the dress it over, I can start focusing on cosplay again
I still haven't gotten any move white for Bel, so he'll have to wait a while >_> I might style the wig though ... maybe try some makeup or something ... 
Sunday I kinda/sorta/might have a plan with Shinji so we can try to get Sho done.

- Kelevar

mandag den 16. april 2012

Dress part 1

So I started on the dress today, which was about time, since it has to be done thursday at 16 and I have class untill thursday 15:25 .... probably have to skip Math so I can make some finishing touches, makeup and such, because I'm not only making it, I'm modeling it as well

Anyways, this is the design of the dress

It'll have a base, which is going to be a beige/natural color, and then two utterlayers in different green colors. The utterlayers will be shaped like leaves and give a forest feel to the dress, making it fit into the theme Fantasy

As I said earlier I'm modeling the dress as well as making it. It's easier, since that means I don't have to meet with a model all the time, since I'll always have the model at hand! So handy since I'm way too busy and too slow to do it in a day and it's figure sown so I'd need the model like constantly Z_z

The skirt is made from two half suns put together.

As you might can see the crinoline is showing in the end, but it'll be fine, since it's only the laces that will the seen
But I have put it up a bit with safety pins so it shouldn't show anyway xD

Since I'm working with Satin I have to make sure it doesn't unravel on me. It took some time to make sure it didn't get fucked up in the middel of everything, but well I made it xD
I made the top as well. The top is a piece of beige and a piece of green but together, since the green is a bit see-through I but it together with the beige to made sure it wasn't very see-through. It's still a but see-through though, but it's to live with

So at last, I got the skirt and top sown together

I still haven't gotten the zipper in, but I'll do that tomorrow, since I'm so sick of it right now. It's not difficult, but it's still tiring, and on top of a school day and homework it's not fun being in a hurry with this dress.
But my friend might come over tomorrow and help me, since I'm at the leaves and they are hell ( I know since I made a try out dress so I knew how to make it )
I just hope I have time to make it . I have most of wednesday to work on it, since I only have two classes and no work. I HAVE to finish it wednesday.... So yeah, if you haven't guess I'm pushing cosplay aside untill  thursday, so I might have a shot with this. I'm so stressed Oo

Anyway I'll check in tomorrow with more updates on the dress.

- Kelevar

søndag den 15. april 2012

Belphegor part 5

Hello out there!

Yesterday I continued to work on Belphegor. I'm at the jacket now, so I had to sow it completely together and then sow it in, 'cause it was way too big. That meant I had to redo alot of my work >_> But I got it done

These were taken before I was done sowing it in xD

Then I had to sow the white stripes on the jacket and sleeves. That took a long time to prepare the jacket and sleeves for the stripes. I had to fold the black edge over the beige and then sow around the edge so it would hold and it took some time.
At last  I moved into the livingroom to watch Game of Thrones with my mother (:D) and stitch the white stripes on x_X with the series running I found out it took me about 20 minuttes to finish one stripe on the sleeves! Seriously >_> Slooooow work ...
But I got all the stripes on the sleeves on and got one on the jacket.

Now I only have white for one more stripe on the jacket, so I have to go get more >_> Luckily it should be fairly easy to come by...

While I was stitching the stripes on I scratched my thigh with the needle Oo
Looks so lovely....

On another note, I'm starting on the dress today, when I come home from school. I have to get as far as possible, since it's supposed to be done thursday... Stupid me, I forgot when it had to be done and put other things in front of it >_> It means I probably won't be working on anything else this week

And my charger to my camera is failing me, so all the pictures are taken on my phone, so they aren't as good as they could be. Hopefully it'll work again soon

- Kelevar

torsdag den 12. april 2012

Sho update


I know I said updates both tuesday and wednesday, but clearly that didn't happen. Tuesday I only got blurry pictures of what we did and I had a lazy day yesterday, so basically I did nothing ...

But! I have spend time with Shinji after school to work on Sho and we have gotten quite far.

This is the drawing of the outfit, which Shinji made. We work from this.
What we have so far is the jacket with lining and we started on a lot of the decorations. There are so many details on him >_> And I can't gain any weight or I won't fit in him! (or Bel for that matter)

I won't have time to work on Sho before next week, but hopefully I'll get pictures of him there. I hope I'll get time to work on Belphegor in the weekend, but I have rehearsal for the act at SVS at least saturday possible sundays as well.

For another update:
I got my crinoline for the dress today. Please vote so I know if you would like to follow the progress on the dress. the pull is in the upper right corner on the start page

- Kelevar

tirsdag den 10. april 2012

Belphegor part 4

Hello again

So I kinda forgot to update yesterday. Himo had to go home and after that my boyfriend came by, since we haven't seen each other since the holiday started. So I spend the rest of the evening with him.

Anyway, we got a lot done yesterday! I finished my pant/boots
(I fixed the feet part so they aren't just round but actually looks like boots in the end)
We are still figuring out how to make them stick to the shoe. We are thinking two-sided tape xD Maybe we will come up with something better

I went on to the jacket, so I could get started on it while Himo was there to help.

I made the sleeves first, since it's four parts sown together even though it's easy enough, it's still easy to get it wrong. I'm only missing the white stripes on the sleeves now.
And then started on sowing the jacket together, but I didn't get a picture of that, since we had to get ready to leave.
And now Himo is gone and I'm left to do it all alone, so lets just hope I won't fuck it up!

Today I'm going to Shinji's to continue working on Sho. We started on it before I made this blog, but from now on Sho will be here as well!
The next progress on Belphegor will be tomorrow, if I don't have too much school work...

For the last thing: I'm working on a dress for a friend. She is in a design class and has to design and make a dress from the theme Fantasy. She asked me if I would sow and model it for her, and stupid as I am I said yes. So now I have to make a dress on top of Belphegor, Sho and Mad Hatter ...
I know it's not a cosplay, but would you guys still be interested in following the progress? I'll put a poll in so you can vote for it.

And that's it for now
Might be a Sho update this evening, so stay tuned!


søndag den 8. april 2012

Belphegor part 3

Hey everybody!

So as I predictied we didn't get anything done yesterday, but we got alot of done today! :D With was really wonderful 'cause I think that means I can get started on the jacket while Himo is here, so she can help me get started (I would be so lost without my friends TT_TT)

So i started where I left off, funny enough, with making the stripes on the shorts. It took quite a whille, but it came out beautifully, most of it any way.

So as you probably noticed the short are pretty long at my waist, so I had to fix that, which was the only thing I was missing before attatching the boots to the shorts.

Pretty, huh ? xD
We even started on the boots, but we made a try-out before making them in the leather, since neither of us have ever made boots before. They became giant boot-covers though, since we won't be making the whole shoe only covering a regular shoe with it. I just need to figure out how to make it stick to one another xD
I didn't take a picture of the boots though, so that'll have to wait for tomorrow. I got to sow them together an everything xD just have to prettyfy them a bit

So I'll be back tomorrow with the next updates!

- Kelevar

fredag den 6. april 2012

Belphegor part 2

So today we didn't get to do much. Both of our sowing machines decided to abandon us, so we rage-quit them for half an hour. Then my parents came home and we had to clean the living room, where we have been sowing, up because my parents are going to have guests tomorrow and my mom wants everything to be pretty... So we won't get much done tomorrow, since we can't sow in my room, there just isn't space enough for it.

But I did get something done today! First I made the black flaps on the side of the shorts. They are made of the same material as the black part of the shorts
It was fairly simple since it was just sowing a square and applying it to the shorts. I didn't have to worry about the ends, since they would be covered by white. Unfortunately I had to make "decorative stitches" to make it easier to apply the white and it took forever to make them!
Before we stopped for today I barely got to sow two of the white stripes on
But so far I think it looks good and there is progress though it is slow as hell

I still doubt I will get everything done, but time will tell


torsdag den 5. april 2012

Belphegor part 1

So for the first post on this new blog, I would like to show you what I have been up to today.
Himo is visiting me for the holidays so we can sow on our cosplay for SVS. We will be cosplaying from Katekyo Hitman Reborn TYL, Himo as Squalo, Camilla as Xanxus and myself as Belphegor.
We are going to use imitated leather for their uniforms, black and beige.

Belphegor has these high boots over his pants in his TYL version, so we decided just to make his pants shorts and sow the shorts and boots together, so I don't have to wear to layers of leather.

I started with the pants/shorts. Cutting out the fabric

And of course I had to sow them together.

We had to put them in because they were way too big. That meant alot of redoing things I had already done. Luckily Himo was there to guide me, so in the end it ended up being really pretty (and tight)


And that's how far I got today. I'm almost doubting I'll get it all done for SVS, but in time we will see. I will update again tomorrow so you all can follow the progress!