mandag den 21. januar 2013

Still Alive

Hello out there
Yes I'm still alive, much to your surprise. I want to apologize for my lack of updating and sudden disappearance. I disappeared because I suddenly got con-stress, since it was so close to Genki-con and I wasn’t even nearly finished with my cosplays …
But I made it in time and everything worked out fine~ So yeah … there…

After Genki I haven’t really cosplayed for anything but photoshoots and I haven’t been on that many. I have pictures of my Jack cosplay(Genki’12) and my Belphegor (SVS’12) but besides that I haven’t cosplayed.

But the next con is nearly upon us here in Denmark and I would like to share with you my plans for the next couple of Cons

J-popcon 15-17 march 2013

Friday: Duzell, Vampire Game, Vampire king version

Saturday: Undecided

Sunday: Gareth, Quest for Camelot

Svscon 3-5 maj 2013

Friday: Free

Saturday: Sho, Skipbeat, Demon version (reuse)

Sunday: Rhys, Teahouse

Now for a little something special!  I’m going to my first great con out of Denmark! I’ll be attending Japan Expo in Paris this summer! I’m going with my precious Himo
~ I’m so excited! Everything has already been planned and tickets order, so we are basically on our way!! Gush, I really can’t wait for july!
So we have already planned what we’ll wear, but we haven’t decided which days yet, so I’ll just list it in random order

Japan Expo, Paris, 4-7 july 2013

Rhys, Tea House (reuse)

Hex, Skylanders

Red Queen, X-down

Sinbad, Magi

So yeah if you are going to Japan Expo feel free to find me and say hello! I would love to meet more awesome people!

Besides the before mentions cons I’m going to Närcon and Genki as well, but since there is so much time till them, I’ll save them for later, since so much can change in that time.

So far I have started on Duzell, but I’m not that far yet. I’ll try an remember to take some pictures to show you.

I hope you forgive me for my absence! I’ll try to be better TT___TT

Kelevar <3

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