fredag den 3. august 2012

Genki cosplays started

Hey everybody :)

I have started on my cosplays for Genki (which is about time), but they have been changed a bit. Instead of cosplaying Meggi from Princess Ai with Risa and Shinji, I'm gonna be Jack Vessalius in his green jacket. And Oni and I decided that we didn't have time to make Kururi and Mairu, so sunday I'll be Jack again :) But it's okay, 'cause I'm stessed enough as it is >_>

I have decided to enter the crafmanship competition with my Jack cosplay, since I want to do my absolute best with it. It's also my most expensive cosplay so far. I have bought materials for just a bit over 300 USD! But it was also because I wanted the green to nearly perfect. To get that I had to make it two layers of green. A solid dark green and a shinny see-through green. It lookes really gorgeous, but sometime on pictures it loses it's color, so I'm a bit worried about that...

But I have lived with Risa and Shinji for five days now, so they can help me, so I don't fuck everything up >_> They have been quite the help ^^

Risa is helping me style my Axel wig, which I aprecciate, 'cause it was killing me!!
I had to sow two wigs together and it took forever for me! I really can't handsow ... I worked on it for four hours or something and I didn't even get close to done. Then when I went out with Shinji to find the green fabric for Jack, Risa sat down and worked on it for like three hours and it was done. I was so happy I could cry!!
Okay it's not really done xD We still have to cut it and style it, but the sowing part is done~

For Jack I'm almost done with the pants. It's only the zipper that won't work with me. I started on the jacket yesterday and actually got pretty far ^^

The design is not completely like in the anime, but it looks fantastic anyway. The design is Risas, but she said I could use it~

I still have to make the rest of the jacket, vest and shirt, boot-covers and of course the Axel wig and Jacket.

Anyway, sorry for the long silence, but I haven't made any cosplays in between SVS and Genki. I might be going to Japan Expo next summer with Himo, Risa and Shinji. Hopefully everything will work out so it'll be possible for us to go. We are already talking cosplay plans, since we have like half a year between Genki and J-popcon and Himo and I want to get a head start so we won't get stressed.

See you soon~
- Kelevar

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